The Bean Therapy at Plantation Trails, Coorg

A shout out to all the OCD (Obsessive Coffee Disorder) guys! Learn all about how your favourite cup of Starbucks coffee is brewed (Yes! Starbucks sources its fine Arabica coffee beans from Tata Coffee Plantations).

Your stay at the Plantation Trails is incomplete without a coffee plantation tour. As you ride through the estate in an open jeep taking in the earthy fragrance of the teak wood forests, you witness 50+ shades of green; it’s simply surreal! The two types of coffee beans grown in the estate are Robusta and Arabica (the more premium variety). Along the way, experience a spice scented trail thanks to complementary crops like pepper, cardamom and vanilla grown in the estate.



Still reeling from the serenity that enveloped us, the plantation tour guide explained that during the coffee blossoms period, the estate looked prettier- like a jasmine garden with white flowers blooming all over. These then dry off and coffee beans grow on them. Harvesting happens December onwards when the berries turn a ripe red. Coffee picking is a very arduous task because picking out these berries across thousands of acres of the coffee estate is no mean feat! Also, the coffee-pickers put their lives at stake as there are a lot of wild elephants meandering inside the estate. The coffee beans are then dried, packed and sent to the factory for further processing. It was then that it dawned upon me how much we take our food chain for granted. Sitting in a coffee shop catching up with friends, it never crosses your mind all that has gone into giving you that perfect cup of coffee!



On that note, I had one of the finest coffees ever on this trip- Plantation A, Peaberry (when you get only one bean within the cherry) with an ideal mix of coffee and chicory (80:20). This is a definite must-buy! The others being spices like cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, vanilla et al because this kind of fresh produce is incomparable to what’s available in our super markets back home. That spicy aroma of pepper or the sweet smell of vanilla beans is pure bliss! Imagine using these organic vanilla beans the next time you’re baking rather than using a vanilla essence?!

 If coffee is not your cup of tea

The Tata estate has a solitary tea estate amongst these massive coffee plantations- Glenlorna which you could also visit. I picked up some lovely chocolate tea from here.

A cup of piping hot filter coffee with some hot pakodas coupled with the view of the sprawling coffee estates marked a perfect end to the tour!


So tell me all about your favourite coffee brew or your perfect cuppa experience!

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