What’s cooking at the Mumbai Farmer’s Market?

From organic honey to preservative free dips and spreads. From gourmet teas to confectioneries, the Mumbai Farmer’s market had it all. It was bustling with tons of talented home chefs and foodpreneurs from Mumbai and beyond. They proudly flaunted their wares which you could sample and savour at their colourful stalls.


Here are my 6 picks of interesting and novel food items I came across!

Spiked Jams at The Gourmet Food Co. – These guys are Curators of Cool because they have aggregated some of the finest home chefs, home bakers and artisans on an online platform to deliver food that is organic, wholesome and healthy. Shriyanka, the Chief Food Curator gushes about how she is very discerning about the produce she retails on her site. There were lots of interesting things on the platter- but what I was curious to try out were the spiked jams. Yes! You read it right. We’re talking about Orange Whisky Marmalade, Banana Rum Jam and Strawberry Mojito Jam. *does a little dance on having discovered this. It’s not a flavour; there is actually a hint of alcohol in it. Generously layer this on your buttered toast or use it as a salad dressing! Talking of which there was this zesty Cranberry Mustard which would spruce up your boring salad and how. Then there were theme based chocolate bars called ‘All Things’ where All Things Childhood is Belgian milk chocolate with banana and toffee whereas All Things Water is Belgian Dark chocolate with sea salt and the like.

Shop these delicious goodies online! (TGFC ships to Mumbai. Shipping to places outside Mumbai is on request)

The Hungry Trotter recommends- Cranberry mustard and Strawberry Mojito jam (Because I’m a rum person. But the Orange Whisky Marmalade is equally good.)


Exotic Teas at The Kettlery: I’m a tea person so I was intrigued to see an array of unusual teas on display! What caught my attention were the Mulled Wine Tea and the Grace of Monaco tea.  The latter is a combination of white and green tea with a hint of vanilla. The former with its fruity and floral notes can be attributed to the blend of hibiscus and berries; this can be had both as an iced tea and hot tea. Then there were a host of other gourmet teas like Peppermint and Rose, Winter Cinnamon and Chamomile Mint. Based out of Ahmedabad, Sandeep Kotecha, the director told me about their tea parlour back home and how he is looking to expand the brand’s reach to cater to the Mumbai tea connoisseur!

Till then you can order their premium teas and tea hampers online!  (Pan India shipping)

The Hungry Trotter recommends- The Mulled Wine Tea


Off-beat Dips at the Chef’s Basket You must have heard of Chef’s Basket and their ready to eat preservative free pastas available across major modern trade outlets. They are now diversifying into fresh and homemade dips. There were a slew of interesting dips like Beetroot Hummus, Thai Garden Hummus, Strawberry Salsa and the like. The Strawberry salsa is the right blend of sweet and tangy almost seducing your taste buds whereas the Kiwi Cucumber salsa is light and refreshing. The Roasted Bell Pepper hummus is vibrant, creamy and irresistible.  These will soon be available online on their website as well as in major retail chains.

The Hungry Trotter recommends- Strawberry Salsa


Healthy spreads at The Butternut Co Try out their eclectic spreads which are sugar and preservative free. Choose from a base of peanut, cashew or almond. These spreads make for a healthy snack because they don’t have any butter, oil or sugar content. Just spread them on a slice of multi-grain bread and the health conscious you needn’t count calories at breakfast. Extreme weight watching fusspots can opt for the flaxseed almond variant. The Cocoa peanut is a tad bit on the bitter side. The Cocoa almond will be a hit with the chocolate lovers. So you can allay your Nutella on bread cravings with this spread. Contact them through their Facebook page to place an order! (Shipping only in Mumbai)

The Hungry Trotter recommends- The Cocoa Almond


Natural flavoured honey at Honey Twigs Ever heard of Litchi flavoured honey? It’s light, subtle and has a Litchi after-taste. Smear it on your hot buttered toast, add it to your green tea, or to your cereal to kick-start your day! You also have the regular honey (multi-flora) and both are available in convenient and portable single serving twigs, so that your hands don’t get messy! You can buy them in a pack of 10 or 30 and they are available at major retail outlets like Foodhall and also available online on Amazon and their website.

The Hungry Trotter recommendsThe Litchi Honey


The multi-faceted masala at Flax Max– Made from flaxseeds and spices, this healthy masala mix is versatile and can be added to dals, curries, sabzi, bhels, dosa etc. Not just in your cooking, but you could sprinkle it on khakra, popcorn or in your Masala chaas. Founder Manju Jain tells us about the diverse uses and how she adds it to just about everything- while making Maggi, pastas, or even kneading it in the dough to make a masala roti. Available in select retail outlets in Mumbai (Society Stores, Santacruz. Neelam Foodland, Khar. Hypercity, Malad), you can also connect with them on their Facebook page to place an order (Shipping only in Mumbai) or buy it from Amazon (Shipping across India).


Any interesting or new food items that you have come across of late?


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    1. Sunami says:

      This was at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai. A very well-organized event!


      1. Oh they have lots of nice exhibitions. Lovely


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