Into the wilderness at Pench


The Hungry Trotter

A quick weekend getaway is what we wanted, to get lost in the wilderness and witness the big cat in its natural habitat. Armed with our DSLR and binoculars we set out; our hopes were up since our driver had told us that just two days back, a tiger was taking a midnight stroll on the road leading up to the Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

We were looking forward to spot the Collarwali and her newly born cubs or the majestic BMW! Unfortunately, the regal creature remained elusive on the trip.  This was despite the visit being during the summer, so the foliage was less abundant and sightings are supposedly better. Also, the guide on our safaris was the so called ‘Tiger Magnet’- Omi, the naturalist at Tuli Resort where we were staying. He is a very senior guide and well-versed with the locations in the forest that the…

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