Reliving Enid Blyton tales at The Mad Teapot

I have a thing for cute cafes innocuously tucked away into the bylanes of a busy market area. Because stumbling upon them is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. The Mad Teapot is a hidden treasure amidst all the snazzy designer stores in Shahapur Jat, Delhi. After a long day of wedding shopping, we wanted to grab a quick bite and unwind. That’s when we came across this cute cafe inside The Wishing Chair. The Wishing Chair is a heaven for home decor items and immediately compels you to cheat on fashion with quirky decor items. I’m a sucker for bird cages, fairly lights, storage tins and cute knick knacks; so I was basically going nuts!


The cafe has a wide collection of tea and an even wider collection of teapots which I was crushing over. The Enid Blyton inspired menu is cute taking you back to the world of pixies and goblins and fairies. We ordered for a Berry Blush Green Tea which was subtle and fruity served in a pretty floral teapot and cup. The food is vegetarian but non-vegetarian guys don’t fret, because it’s super yummy. Keeping in tone with the fairy tale ambience of the cafe are the names of the dishes. The ‘Pockets of Surprises’ (Pita pockets) were indeed a pleasant surprise and melted in my mouth. ‘The Adventures of Miss Evergreen’ flat bread will be a hit with the pesto lovers. The Twisty’s Tom Tom Spaghetti was fresh and flavourful. The icing on the cake is the sinful Oreo shake.


A bit on the steeper side but has a fun and charming vibe. Shopaholics beware! You won’t be able to stop yourself from picking up a few items on your way out.

Is there any charming cafe you have discovered out of the blue and fallen in love with?

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