High on Coffee in Chikmagalur

Did you know that 7 coffee beans laid down the foundation for the coffee cultivation in India? It all started with the coffee beans that a Sufi saint, Baba Budan, smuggled into India while returning from his pilgrimage to Mecca. He then planted them on the sloping hills in Chikmagalur, which were later named as Baba Budan Giri Hills in his honour.

Of freshly brewed coffee and lush green plantations, we were keen to explore India’s coffee country, Chikmagalur, a quaint town 250 kms from Bangalore.

Come see Chikmagalur through my lens?

48baf17c-95f7-4a2f-b3b9-4120b1d091b147c6c17b-7173-42fc-8e17-610477c1383689e023b1-69a7-4be8-978f-fb1cd368987bEn route Chikmagalur, we stopped by at the Chennakeshava temple at Belur to gaze at its architectural beauty. Intricate figurines and carvings adorn the walls and pillars.

d7523ded-dc02-41a7-b63e-0ff790fb17d1Our humble abode at PlantationTrails– A 140 year old heritage bungalow belonging to a former British planter

7978da0c-24e9-429a-abf3-050f5c681e95The view from our room overlooking the coffee plantations

7c410bfc-74ca-4f36-95fe-c57362583ac8bd100d7e-2a14-4566-a702-903decab9561All set to explore the gorgeous green estate

29896a61-c77b-47ec-ba86-8a3b587826adThe towering silver oak trees that allow filtered sunlight for the coffee plants to grow

63004226-7eba-44e3-a00f-8673609a3fffThe ripe berries waiting to be plucked

0c6ef101-91a8-47b0-b232-b4e410c30ad0Your trip is incomplete if you don’t pick coffee berries

78521e27-5232-476b-9dd4-7ca7a3ebc604The coffee pickers who work tirelessly through the day

2959de6e-0bf4-4442-a138-a1d952d333daOh look! A pepper vine. Pepper is also grown in the estate along with the coffee

128a20bf-30f1-4f95-9248-523eb6aeca32Coffee beans laid out to dry

496c58b1-816a-4901-9aa1-0ca8a3b30aabImagine sipping some freshly brewed coffee underneath a massive fig tree amidst the coffee plantations

c64e3767-c652-4540-ab93-856e50c04322Lastly, pay a tribute to the courageous saint who started it all at the Baba Budan Giri Hills

This post is a part of the series- #12TravelTales wherein I plan to explore 12 new places in 2017- one every month and share my experiences on the blog.