The Indore Food Trail- Discovering the Glutton in you

Think piping hot jalebis, luscious gulab jamuns, fresh kachoris, crispy aloo tikkis and spicy chole! Welcome to food heaven 🙂 We were in Indore for a friend’s wedding and the trip would be incomplete without savouring the street food delicacies that Indore boasts of. Weight-watchers step away because there are some major calorie-laden food suggestions coming your way.

Sarafa Night Market

When all the jewellery stores shut shop, this narrow road comes alive with a slew of chat, sweet and other fast-food stalls. They open at about 8pm and are open till 1am. Try the Chole Tikki chaat (chickpea and potato)- it’s an amazing balance of spicy and tangy flavours garnished with some crunchy ratlam sev.

634bfe13-5cf3-4a89-8095-f31831a23e81Chole Tikki

Then there’s Bhutte ka Kees (crushed corn) which I loved for its strong essence of hing (asafoetida) coupled with spices and lemon for that extra zing. I tried something new here which I had never tried before- Garadu (fried yam). I was a bit apprehensive, but it was not that bad- deep fried with spices and lemon juice for garnish.

a4b89399-396a-44c9-aa0f-df619b1b169044c26f55-7432-41cc-962b-7154dc805110Freshly fried Garadu

The Kalakand (solidified sweetened milk and cottage cheese) was delectable and just melted in our mouth. The Gulab Jamuns (deep fried cottage cheese in sugar syrup) were also soft and sinful but the Kalakand was better. We washed down all this food with some Coconut Crush- a unique drink blending coconut water and malai (coconut meat).


We had heard Joshi ke Dahi Bade (fried flour balls in yogurt) were not to be missed. But, unfortunately his shop was shut. Because he doesn’t put up a stall in the evenings; he has his shop which is open from morning till about 9pm. So, we came back the next morning only to try his Dahi Bade. The Dahi Bade were fine, the vadas were soft but the curd was a little too sweet for my liking. But, the icing on the cake is the owner- Mr Joshi’s theatrics with the dahi bade. He flings the dahi bade dunked in yogurt up in the air with so much ease and panache without a single drop of dahi spilling. He then sprinkles the four masalas (salt, coriander powder, cumin powder and chilli powder) with his fingers in one go without mixing them up. It’s an absolute delight to watch him.


Chappan Dukaan

We had some great breakfast at Young Tarang comprising Poha (flattened rice) and coffee. The Poha was nice and tangy and it would have been brilliant coupled with the sweet crunch of the jalebi (flour batter fried in sugar syrup). But, unfortunately, we were late for breakfast and the jalebis were over. Get here before 12 if you want Poha and Jalebi. Then we headed to Vijay Chaat for some awesome Khopra Pattice (Coconut Pattice) and Batla Kachori (Peas Kachori).

2347126d-0cd5-4ccc-8614-4e47e82b3a76Poha garnished with the traditional Ratlam sev

35603408-de40-478a-97a1-94107b152b19Khopra Pattice

15a135a8-7004-46dc-9ed2-c6fdc037b05fBatla Kachori


On our way out of Sarafa, opposite the Rajwada Palace we came across a great place for Kachori- Sundaram. It’s a tiny shop and can be easily missed, but a local friend had recommended it. This Kachori was stuffed with lentils and spices unlike the peas one; this too had a strong asafoetida flavour which I really loved. We packed some of these to take back home with us.

Which street food places have you visited in Indore?

PS: I think I easily gained a kilo after binging on this food. Currently working out to shed that extra weight. But it was worth every calorie 🙂

This post is a part of the series- #12TravelTales wherein I plan to explore 12 new places in 2017- one every month and share my experiences on the blog.

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