Winederlusting at Heritage Vineyard!

Have you been caught by the Winederlust bug? If you’re a true wine lover, you will love visiting different vineyards and trying out new wines.


After exploring the vineyards around Nasik, I was keen on visiting the ones around Bangalore. One Saturday morning, we decided to pay a visit to Heritage Vineyard located in Channapatna near Mysore. We were excited to taste the wines and have some fun with grape stomping since it was the harvest season.


Spread over 9 acres, Heritage Winery focusses on dessert wines to cater to the Indian palate. These wines are made from the local Bangalore Blue grapes which are grown all year round unlike the French grapes which can be harvested only once a year. I thought it was great that the winery practices farmer friendly techniques; it directly sources grapes from them. It also encourages multiple farmers to pool their produce and supply it to the winery. The farmers are also invited to the vineyard to learn about the wine making process.


Our tour started with a quick walk-through of the vineyard where the French grapes- Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are grown. It was too hot or else I would have loved walking around the vineyard a little more. Then we were taken to the winery where the grapes are crushed, fermented and bottled.


Next up was my favourite part- wine tasting. We opted for tasting of Heritage Wines and not Sula Wines as we had already tasted those wines before. Sula Wines has recently acquired Heritage Wines and hence those wines were also available for tasting. “Wines can be really shy and bottled up. You need to open them up and pamper them”, said our wine tour guide, as he swirled the wine glass in his hand allowing the wine to breathe. ‘Smell, Swirl, Sip’- we were enjoying our wine tasting session.


The Chenin Blanc was a nice one with hints of peppermint. The Shiraz was full-bodied with berryish and spicy undertones. I personally didn’t enjoy the sweet wines too much; I found them to be too fruity. They also have a bubbly wine which is like the grape version of Appy Fizz. My mom had accompanied me on this trip and since she doesn’t enjoy drinking wine so much, I offered to have her share of the wines as well 😊 Needless to say, I was on a happy high after so much wine.


The tour culminated with a fun grape stomping session which is what I enjoyed the most. Thanks to movies, I have always been fascinated with crushing grapes in a huge vat. Unfortunately, this had never worked out on my numerous trips to the Nasik vineyards. So here I was, happy to be jumping around and almost falling in the vat.


We had a quick lunch at the restaurant at the vineyard- Epulo. It mostly has Indian cuisine (read an Indianized sizzler) on offer and the food is average. Overall, the wines are nothing to rave about but it’s a fun way to spend your weekend. It would be a good starting point for those new to the world of wine and curious to know more.


Have you visited a vineyard? Tell me more about your experience!

This post is a part of the series- #12TravelTales wherein I plan to explore 12 new places in 2017- one every month and share my experiences on the blog.

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