7 Healthy Eateries in Mumbai you gotta try!

The Keto Diet, Low-Carb Diet, Vegan Diet, I will only survive on air diet- you name it and everyone is on some or the other diet. Every time I go out with my friends, it’s tough reaching a consensus with everyone evaluating the calorie intake on restaurant menus. So, here’s a quick guide to the healthy eating joints in Mumbai for all the weight-watching peeps!

  1. The Village Shop: Ticking all the boxes for a cute café, the Village Shop is a tough but rewarding find in the bylanes of Bandra. With mostly outdoor seating, this green and charming café has a wholesome and organic spread on offer. The fresh smell of bread wafting through builds up your appetite. The menu has changed now; but when I visited, I had a watermelon and feta salad and a burger which had a mushroom patty in a multi-grain bread and a cashew paste in lieu of mayo. The kokum juice with chia seeds was super refreshing. We finished off the meal with a delicious flourless chocolate cake. The server mentioned that they use healthier alternatives like honey instead of sugar and olive oil instead of butter. Indulgence without those added calories. What more could you ask for?

Where? 53, Serpis Villa, Chimbai Road, Hill Road, Bandra West

Damages? Rs. 1000* for two people


  1. The Yoga House: The vibrant hues of blue and green are warm and inviting. Yoga classes also take place here. So, the entire space including the menu focusses on holistic wellness with ingredients that are organic and macrobiotic. You’ll find things like Quinao Upma, Ayurvedic Oats Porridge, Yogurt with homemade granola and the like. If this sounds too hardcore for you, you can settle for an array of fresh salads and sandwiches. We had a cottage cheese burger which was served with a homemade tomato relish and a brown rice paella which was as flavourful as it was colourful. We washed this down with a glass of fresh watermelon juice. Overall, a good place for a Sunday detox breakfast/brunch.

Where? Nargis Villa (Water Bungalow), Sherley Rajan Road, Opposite ICICI Bank, Carter Road, Bandra West

Damages? Rs. 1200* for two people


  1. Bird Song- The Organic Café: I simply adore the ambience of this quaint café hidden in the graffiti filled lanes behind Hill Road in Bandra. It truly is like a hidden gem. I love sitting by the long French windows with the sunlight trickling in. Vegans and people on a gluten-free diet can rejoice as a lot of the items on the menu can be made vegan and gluten-free. I’m a fan of their salads- especially the quinoa and the watermelon and feta. That apart, their cottage cheese steak is well-seasoned and tasty. Their desserts on offer have always looked appetizing but I haven’t tried any as yet. A table by the window coupled with great conversations and good food, and it will be an afternoon well spent!

Where? Shop 1-5, Waroda Road, Behind American Express Bakery, Near Jude Bakery, Hill Road, Bandra West

Damages? Rs. 1500* for two people

15.jpg PC studioeighttwentythreePhoto courtesy: http://www.studioeighttwentythree.com

IMG_20140324_192304Quinoa Salad Bird Song

  1. Foodgasm: Ever thought you would associate Foodgasm with healthy food? But this tiny eatery in Bandra Reclamation attempts to do so. It’s a brave attempt, but not entirely successful. They’ve got some tandoor items, whole wheat wraps, but the most intriguing on the menu is the Quinoa Biryani. I’m not really a biryani person but this dish really peeked my curiosity. It was quite interesting and the quinoa turned out to be a great substitute for rice. The falafel roll was average and a little dry. The place has a chirpy vibe, is pocket-friendly and worth a shot for some of their quirky items like Twisted Pani Puri (chickpea and quinoa filling with pomegranate/kalakhatta pani) and multigrain buttermilk pancakes.

Where? Shop 4, Ankleshwar Building, ONGC Colony, Near IES College, Reclamation, Bandra West

Damages? Rs. 1000* for two people


  1. The Bombay Salad Co: Finally, a solitary salad bar and a good one at that! Just what we needed! It started out with a tiny space and has now expanded to a bigger space across the road. Vibrant vegetable doodles adorn the walls and cute plants dangle from the ceiling. I feel it’s a got this great ‘I can gossip for hours at end with my bestie over a salad bowl’ vibe to it. I guess my bestie and I have found a new hangout other than Suzette and a very apt one, might I add (The owner is an ex-Suzette chef). Make your own salad or if you’re confused choose from warm and cold salads, multi-grain wraps and sugar free juices. I tried the Mr Bean warm salad and absolutely loved it. The flavours of the black bean, mushrooms and honey balsamic dressing blended superbly. A big thumbs up to this place!

Where? Shop 1,16th Road, Linking Road, Bandra West

Damages? Rs. 900* for two people


  1. Suzette Creperie & Café: People say it’s difficult to marry health and taste. I want to ask them, ‘Have you visited Suzette as yet?’ I’ll admit straight up that I’m a Suzette loyalist. I swear by their Soleil salad of roquette leaves, sundried tomatoes and basil pesto. And, I love their olive tapenade and fresh tomatoes crepe. Let’s not forget about the buckwheat crepe with organic jaggery. It’s sinful and how! Psst! On cheat days, you can indulge in their hot chocolate and Nutella crepes.

Where? Near Gold’s Gym, St. John Street, Pali Hill, Bandra West

Damages? Rs. 1800* for two people

SuzettePhoto courtesy- http://www.quirkywanderer.com


  1. Smoke House Deli: So, this place doesn’t entirely focus on healthy food, but they have quite a few healthy items on offer. Choose from a super healthy breakfast menu of granola, smart omelettes (3 egg whites and 1 egg yolk) and fresh fruits. They do great salads as well (The goat cheese and California oranges is my personal favourite). If you are craving for some carbs, the soup and half a sandwich combo (with a multi-grain bread) is a win-win. Or you can cheat some more with a whole wheat Aglio Olio pasta. A bit on the steeper side but worth the premium for dishing out relatively healthy and tasty food.

Where? Bandra, Lower Parel, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC)

Damages? Rs. 2000* for two people


Do you have any more restaurants to add to this list?



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  1. tripwears says:

    Ooo now I want to cheat right away!!!


    1. Sunami says:

      Cheat away! They’re all healthy options, so you won’t feel guilty 🙂


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