Amanvana Resort & Spa, Coorg- an enchanting getaway

Live your fairy tale and get lost in the magical land of Coorg at Amanvana, a rabbit hole for your soul. This aptly named Alice in Wonderland themed hotel by the river Cauvery is the perfect weekend escape. Slide down this rabbit hole into a tranquil paradise, de-stress at the spa, stroll along the banks of the river, and enjoy your own little tea party in the wilderness to return rejuvenated and energized!


About 250 kms from the city of Bangalore, Amanvana beautifully marries luxury and a rustic charm with each bungalow opening up to a private courtyard, a fabulous sky-lit bathroom, and spacious rooms with handmade tiles in earthy colours. Did I mention the sky-lit bathroom? I love luxurious baths, so the idea of lazing around in an aromatic bubble bath and gazing at the azure sky dotted with birds in flight really excited me.

IMG_3933IMG_2679IMG_2785 (1)IMG_2266

Bask in the lap of nature

We woke up to birdsong and whispering leaves with a new birdie flying into our private garden every day. The no Wi-Fi connectivity in the rooms are a blessing in disguise helping you to slow down, appreciate nature and its beauty, finally read the book you’ve been meaning to, engage in conversations instead of mindlessly browsing on your smart phone or give yourself some much needed ‘me’ time.


Stroll through the gorgeous manicured garden which is said to be home to numerous species of flora and fauna. Who knows what exotic bird you may spot? Discover the little alcoves in the garden and enjoy the beauty of the Cauvery river in peace and privacy. We love seeking such elusive accommodations with a quaint charm, and this was the perfect find!

Rejuvenate by the riverside

The gurgling sounds of the river are bound to lure you, and you will not be able to resist taking a dip. Enjoy your morning cuppa in the land of coffee by the serene riverside. You can also experience a barbeque by the riverside, a relaxing foot spa, or simply sit by the river to soak in the tranquility and the music of the river.

IMG_2697IMG_2005IMG_2084IMG_2169IMG_2182CapturePicture courtesy: Amanvana

The hotel also organizes an eight island river trek which is not for the faint-hearted, I must warn you. It involves crossing the river and even though you’re wading through knee-deep water, the strong currents of the river at certain points, and the slippery rocks make it a daunting experience. I slipped and fell several times, and frankly would have preferred simply sitting by the riverside.

Nothing like a soothing spa experience

Experience pure bliss as you pamper yourself at The Sunken Spa at Amanvana. I needed this after the grueling eight island trek. I opted for their signature treatments- the Wine Facial and the Coffee Scrub. The Wine Facial uses homemade wine, aloe vera, a wine based mask, and rose water to nurture your skin and restore your radiant glow. The Coffee scrub uses finely ground local coffee beans handpicked from their plantation. Soothe your senses as you revel in the rich coffee aroma; and the scrub will exfoliate and refresh your skin. The experience was divine, and I could feel the tension and stress fade away.


It was a magical weekend getaway peppered with dreamy experiences and memories. You can make your stay more memorable with a special candle light dinner or a picnic on one of the river islands (available on special request).

Any recent place you visited which left you with a mesmerizing effect? I would love to experience it!

This post is a part of the series- #12TravelTales wherein I plan to explore 12 new places in 2017- one every month and share my experiences on the blog.

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  1. Try Aveda Kumarakom 🙂 It’s mesmerizing too. Btw your post has tempted me to visit this property for sure. I am adding it to my must visit list 🙂


    1. Sunami says:

      Thanks! Will check it out. Yes, you must visit. It’s very peaceful and serene 🙂


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